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Modular, Boulder and Retaining Walls

The basic building blocks in engineered retaining wall systems, mortarless and dry-stacked concrete blocks are rapidly becoming the wall system of choice among landscapers, because they simplify and speed the building process. Generally installed professionally, mortarless dry-stacked blocks are made to fit together perfectly without cement grout, using a system of horizontal and vertical interlocking tabs. Because the blocks self-align, the fit is arrow-straight and level. Dry stacked block walls can be built rapidly, usually in a quarter of the time required by conventional blocks.

Because stackable blocks are not reinforced, however, they are best suited for walls under five feet in height. Mortarless stackables usually offer more tones and textures than conventional blocks; they’re larger, heavier and cost more, but one advantage is that they can be disassembled and moved. That’s important if you want to move a wall to install a whirlpool later, because it saves you from having to bring in a demolition team. Mortarless blocks were designed to simulate hard-to-align natural stones, allowing landscapers to offer more design options. Their modular construction includes separate curved shapes, capstones, pavers, corners and trim embellishments.

Types of Retaining Walls
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