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Custom Driveways

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Custom Paver Driveway Design and Installation
Custom Paver Driveway Design & Installation

Hardscapes and Pavers Custom Paver Driveways Design & Installation

W hoever thought a driveway could be so chic? We design and build custom driveways out of brick, stone, pavers, or other exotic materials that complement the exterior of your home, and your unique personality. Maple Crest Landscape has many years of experience designing and installing quality custom paver patios, driveways and walkways.

Did you know that a herringbone pattern is ideal for driveways because the weight of vehicles as can be more evenly distributed to the concrete pavers. As far as any other traffic purposes, like a custom walkway, any other pattern may be used.

There are different kinds of driveway paving you may consider to use in your home or on your business establishments. These highly depend on the materials used and the style of paving.

The material used

There are two kinds of material used ideal for paving. The first one is the solid surface characterized by materials that are smooth, have even and seamless surfaces. This is usually made of asphalt and concrete. The other category is the aggregate surface that is usually promotes classy look by using gravel and stones.

The purpose

Basically, driveway paving is not only meant to provide smooth driving areas. It also aims to beautify your driveway thus providing classy look on your home or your establishment.


The styles of paving highly depend on the materials used. Block paving is the most popular among the styles that are very versatile to use. With different blocks, you may create different patterns to set a general style. It can be place in circular pattern or aligned depends on your preference. This can easily mix with other kinds of paving types like tarmac. With this, you will be able to create both modern and traditional styles that are both impressive.

If you want something decorative and something with low maintenance, imprinted concrete is the right choice for you. This somehow appears like a real stones and bricks that are easy to make patterns. This is very popular for having a long lasting usage, low maintenance cost and for being highly cost effective. The only problem with this is the tendency to become slippery when drifted off water.


Tarmac is the usual material used in driveway paving. This is proven to be long lasting and can be made of different color like red. This is very ideal and stylish for it can be used to combine with other styles of materials to make it more elegant and attractive.

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