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Landscape Design Process

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Landscape Design Process

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Initial On-Site Consultation

A Maple Crest Landscape designer will meet with you at your home to establish your landscape needs and interests. Designers collaborate with you to determine your personal style and landscape project goals, while offering professional design suggestions and ideas. We find it important to meet your landscape needs and are highly interested in your ideas. Understanding your preferences regarding color schemes, outdoor entertainment, and desired landscape maintenance is essential in allowing us to creatively work together in designing the ideal landscape for you, Request a Quote.

Next, our landscape designers will work with you to establish long-term and short-term budget parameters to design within. Material, equipment, and labor costs are all variable depending on the type of project, the size of project, and the desired materials to be installed. Investing into a properly designed and functional landscape plan is necessary to set realistic expectations for both parties. We design from a budget to give you the highest quality project that meets your financial and landscape esthetic goals. We provide extensive horticultural and hardscape expertise, including the integration of patio pavers, planting, irrigation, and lighting. This is the time for you to discuss any changes or additions you would like to see.

Gathering Site Information

Following the landscape design consultation, a Maple Crest Landscape designer will return to your home to gather essential site information. We return to gather site specific measurements, photos, and indoor views of the landscape. Using this information, along with previously discussed design concepts, a Maple Crest landscape designer constructs an initial property base map that will be used to refine and improve existing design plans based on your needs and project goals.

Conceptual Stage

The first design presented acts as a starting point, utilizing the base map and the ideas from the initial consultation. The first landscape drawing is meant to be used as a flexible proposal that is subject to your review and critique. The customer review process is meant to allow for Maple Crest designers to fully understand and create the best fitting landscape for your project goals, within your budget. Throughout the conceptual landscape design process, we will offer professional opinions using out horticultural and hardscape expertise. To move forward in the process you will choose a final project layout, a final budget and the materials you wish to have installed. The final design consultation will result in the plans that will be used in the construction of the landscape project.

Final Landscape Plan

Upon completion of the conceptual stage, Maple Crest landscape designers create a final landscape plan which includes the revised designs, a starting date, and an itemized list of materials to be used throughout the projects construction. The final designs are computer generated site maps which illustrate the materials, patterns, and plants in a scale layout with all the information necessary to complete the landscape installation process. Once start dates are confirmed, our team of landscape installation professionals use the final landscape design plan to complete your custom landscape.


On the scheduled project start date, a team of Maple Crest landscape installation specialists will arrive at your home to begin construction. Installation times vary depending on the size of each individual project. No matter the size of your unique project, all installations occur in three phases. We begin by prepping the site, removing debris, and transporting materials to the site.

Having invested adequate time at the beginning of the project to develop a detailed and accurate landscape plan, our team of landscape professionals are ready to begin the Landscape Installation phase of your project.

Next, the landscape installation team begins construction following the specifics laid out on the agreed upon design. Lastly, all excess material and construction debris is removed as the site is thoroughly cleaned. All that is left is to enjoy your beautiful new and custom designed landscape features.

Project Completion

After construction is completed, we provide instructions on plant care, suggestions for hardscape maintenance, and a warranty. Additionally, we appreciate feedback regarding your experience with the landscape design and installation process. All that is left to do is enjoy your new custom designed landscape.

Commercial Property Landscape Design

Commercial landscape installations range from foundation plants to the installation of the entire landscape. Commercial property owners often have a specific idea or theme they want to incorporate into the landscaping. Special areas such as Patios, Driveways, parking lots or Walkways that accommodate desirable views can be installed. Maple Crest Landscape has installed many commercial landscapes in Minnesota. We can bid and work from your own landscape architect's plans or design a custom plan for your project. Our use of regional plants and attention to detail will ensure the landscaping around your office or business is installed properly.

Does the landscape around your residential or commercial property need improvement? Tell us about your landscaping ideas, renovation plans, irrigation system or landscape design or installation requirements. Call Maple Crest Landscape at (763) 478-2752.
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