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Retaining Walls

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Modular Block Retaining Walls

A long sloping yard may look pretty, but it isn’t very practical. Maple Crest Landscape will professionally grade and install retaining walls that are both beautiful and functional, stabilizing soil, and preventing erosion while enhancing the look of your landscape. Retaining walls can also be used to for privacy around patio areas. Our Design team will help you select the right color and shape for your project, learn more.

Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulder Retaining walls stabilize a slope and protect planted areas from erosion, but they can be used to do much more. Boulder Retaining Walls can create pathways, group plants and gardens, add depth and texture to completely change the shape and feel of an environment, even create outdoor "rooms." Our architects can help you use boulder walls to create aesthetic themes and spaces, learn more.

Timber Landscape Walls

Wood retaining walls lend a warm organic look to your landscape design, at a relatively low cost. There are three basic types of lumber used for walls, but to understand them, one must first consider that wood is an organic material subject to moisture, rot and termite attack where the wood comes into contact with soil that is naturally damp and a source of bacteria. This means that plain lumber is not a good choice, unless a wall is to be temporary, learn more.

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