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Water Features

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Swimming Pool & Spas

There are many factors that need to be considered in swimming pool and spa design. Maple Crest Landscape has spent many years figuring out the many variables in outdoor swimming pool design in Minnesota. We’ve come up with these design elements for helping our clients put together the perfect pool and landscape project. Understanding Your Pool Design Needs, learn more.

Waterfall Fountains

Our swimming pool and spa designers have some of the best ideas for our pool waterfalls. There are many different types of pool waterfalls, from sheer descents to foaming fountains. Whether a large artificial rock waterfall, grotto & slide is your cup of tea, or a small natural rock boulder waterfall fits your needs – we have the experience you need for your next waterfall feature, learn more.

Water & Rain Gardens

A water garden brings a world of wonder to any backyard. It provides a cool oasis in our hectic lives. Whether cascading in a waterfall, babbling like a brook or lying still in a pool, water soothes the spirit and refreshes the soul. There are many kinds of water features for gardens, but the pond is the ideal way to experiment with aquatic plants, attract birds and other wild life and create a special soothing site for you to enjoy, learn more.

Natural Ponds

We design, install, and maintain natural ponds, water gardens, water falls, koi ponds, bogs, streams, wetlands and pondless water falls. Each one of our installations is one of a kind. Our designs enhance and compliment your property. With a koi pond, you no longer have an excuse for that barren stretch of grass in your yard where a pond should be. Combine stone walls, a pergola with climbing plants, a bridge or gate and create a dramatic garden space for humans and wildlife alike. , learn more.

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