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Horticulture & Garden Services

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Perennial and Seasonal Color Planting

mportant as is this matter of selection, design and arrangement in the garden itself are equally so. Maple Crest Landscape knows where to plant and how much room we have before ordering plant material. Much of the effectiveness of small gardens depends on how well they serve as elements of decoration in the landscape scheme. Growing plants just for the sake of having them is all right, but it is horticulture, not gardening, learn more.

Full Garden & Container Maintenance

A container garden should be maintained just like a real garden should but only on a smaller scale. Container plantings contain lesser amounts of nutrients, soils, and water as compared to gardens. These limited amounts of nutrients and water in the soil needs to be replenished on a constant basis if the plant is to survive and promote healthy flower and foliage development, learn more.

New Garden Design & Installation or Complete Garden Makeovers

If your garden is looking a little tired, a Maple Crest Landscape ‘once over’ can restore its former glory. We have the practical skills and know-how to breathe new life into your garden or lawn; whether the job calls for a simple tidy-up or an extreme garden renovation make over. Some new garden trends are "Edible, Fairy and Vertical" gardens, learn more.

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